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Australian Books on or related to Personal Construct Psychology


  • Candy, P. C. (1991). Self-direction for lifelong learning.
  • Caputi, P., Foster, H., Viney, L. L.  (Eds.) (2006). Personal construct psychology: New ideas. London: Wiley.
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  • H. Ross (1987) Just for Living: Aboriginal Perceptions of Housing in Northwest Australia. Canberra: Aboriginal Studies Press. 
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  • Winter, D., Viney, L. L. (Eds.) (2005). Personal Construct Psychotherapy: Advances in Theory, Practice and Research. London: Wiley  


Richard Bell's two-part computer program package for the analysis of Repertory Grids is available free and can be downloaded from the Internet (as a zip-file). Click here .
  • Bell, Richard (2004). GridStat. A program for analyzing the data of a repertory grid. Version 4.0. Department of Psychology, University of Melbourne.
  • Bell, Richard (1999). GridScal. A program for Multiple Grid analysis. Version 1.0

Richard Bell has also published a manual for using the SPSS data analysis package for the analysis of Repertory Grids. It is available for download at: 

  • Bell, Richard (1997). Using SPSS to Analyse Repertory Grid Data . School of Behavioural Science, University of Melbourne. 

Last update 30 December 2012