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Peter Cummins *, Helen Jenes **

* Coventry Constructivist Centre, Coventry, UK
** Northern PCP Research Group, York, UK



The workshop presented at the EPCA 2016 conference, after highlighting the strong connections between PCP and contemporary arts and their effectiveness in improving  organisational growth, introduced a methodology for operating inside organisations which assumes the co-construction of the intervention by a PCP consultant, responsible for the analysis of client’s needs and group processes, an artist, the catalyst for change, and a producer, the crucial mediator between consultant, client and artist. The workshop participants experienced this intervention methodology by working directly with an artist and realizing a collective artwork piece which embodies the group answer to a question about PCT identity.
Key words: PCP, organisations, contemporary arts, creativity


About the authors

Peter Cummins first became involved in Personal Construct Psychology as a Probationer Clinical Psychologist, when he was supervised by Miller Mair, at the Crichton Royal Hospital, in Dumfries, Scotland. He then worked as a Clinical Psychologist in the NHS and completed the PCP diploma at the Centre For Personal Construct Psychology in 1986. After 34 years in the NHS he retired, and continues to work privately as a PCP Psychotherapist and Supervisor. He has developed the way of working with couples described above, in conjunction with Helen Jones, Dina Pekkala and Diane Allen.
Contact: pac52@btinternet.com
Helen Jones first became involved in Personal Construct Psychology when she worked with Professor Fay Fransella, at the Centre for Personal Construct Psychology. She then worked in the NHS in Management Development, and later became Director of the Centre for Leadership Development at the University of York. In retirement she has continued to work privately as a PCP Psychotherapist and Supervisor.



Cummins, P., Jones, H.
(2017). Working with couples.
Personal Construct Theory & Practice, 14, 47-53

(Retrieved from http://www.pcp-net.org/journal/pctp17/cummins17.pdf)


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