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Vol. 17



Dušan Stojnov*, Vladimir Miletić**, Vladimir Džinović***

*University of Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia
**Association for Mental Health Promotion, Belgrade, Serbia
***Institute for Educational Research, Belgrade, Serbia


Kelly and Foucault are unlikely to be seen together in any sort of psychotherapeutic coalition, no matter how loose or it may be. Beyond very discouraging and unpromising first impressions, a second look gives the reader a chance to explore compatibilities between two different scholars who can mutually enrich each other’s work by bringing personhood into the field of impersonal discourses. A surprising compatibility can be construed between the unusual construction of subjects offered in their work; a negative attitude towards the truth and similarities between Kelly’s construct system (at the personal level) and Foucault’s episteme (at the social level).

Key words:
personal construct psychology, subjectivity, episteme, poststructuralism

About the authors

Dušan Stojnov, professor at the Faculty of Psychology, University of Belgrade. He is currently a member of editorial boards of Journal of Constructivist Psychology & e-journal Personal Construct Theory & Practice. He served as a member of editorial board in Serbian Journal for Educational Research from 1996 to 2010. He is also a founder and president of Serbian Constructivist Association (SCA) from 1995 to date.

Contact: dusanstojnov@sbb.rs.

Vladimir Miletić, M.D. is a Belgrade-based psychotherapist and research director at the Association for Mental Health Promotion. He has published numerous articles in the field of psychiatric epidemiology and is the co-editor of the Handbook of LGBT Psychology (2015). Since 2015, he teaches at the Serbian Constructivist Association.

Contact: vdmiletic@gmail.com.

Vladimir Džinović is a constructivist psychotherapist and a researcher at the Institute for Pedagogical Research in Belgrade. His research is grounded in Kelly's personal construct psychology as well as in Foucault's poststructuralist thought. He teaches psychotherapy at the Serbian Constructivist Association in Belgrade.

Contact: vdzinovic@gmail.com.



Stojnov, D.,  Miletić, V-.  Džinović, V. (2017). Subjectivity: Kelly's discourse and Foucault's constructs.
Personal Construct Theory & Practice, 14, 146-157

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