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Vol. 19



Massimo Giliberto, Chiara Lui, Elena Sagliocco

Institute of Constructivist Psychology, Padua, Italy



“Role” is a construct that emerges from Sociality (Kelly, 1955). What can we say about the role of the constructivist teacher? This article aims to present the Institute of Constructivist Psychology’s teaching experience, starting from the assumption that being a constructivist teacher is not just about applying a toolbox, but implies a role relationship with students that changes in real time. Students are invited to abandon passive roles and to embody the role of psychotherapists-in-training from the first session. The class is considered as a learning community where the psychotherapists-in-training are invited to creatively co-construe the boundaries within which their own learning possibilities take life.

Keywords: sociality, role, teaching corollary, learning context


About the authors

Massimo Giliberto is Director of the graduate School of Constructivist Psychotherapy of the Institute of Constructivist Psychology (ICP) in Padua (Italy). He is a practicing psychotherapist and acts as consultant and coach for private companies and organizations. The focus of interest in his work concerns psychotherapy, epistemology, ethics, didactic method and cross-cultural psychology.

He is a co-founder of the European Constructivist Training Network, member of the editorial boards of the journal Personal Construct Theory and Practice and of the Journal of Constructivist Psychology and editor of the Rivista Italiana di Costruttivismo.

Contact: max.giliberto@gmail.com

Chiara Lui is a constructivist psychologist and psychotherapist, teacher at the Institute of Constructivist Psychology in Padua, Executive Director of the Rivista Italiana di Costruttivismo, Programme Manager of Icp International Lab, and member of the council of SocietÓ Italiana di Costruttivismo. She works with people and their relationships, constantly trying to translate constructivist premises into experiences and opportunities for change. As a psychotherapist she meets every day with adults, adolescents and families. She works also as consultant, trainer and supervisor of other professionals and associations in the context of helping relationships.

Contact: chiaralui@gmail.com

Elena Sagliocco is a constructivist psychologist and free-lance psychotherapist, and a teacher at the Institute of Constructivist Psychology of Padua. As a psychotherapist she works with adults in individual and couple psychotherapy. She is also a trainer and supervisor in helping relationship contexts, and in particular she has had a long professional experience in the field of psycho-oncology and end-of-life care.

Contact: e.sagliocco@gmail.com


Giliberto, M., Lui, C., Sagliocco, E. (2019). Constructicist teaching: Beyond the toolbox, the ICP experience.
Personal Construct Theory & Practice, 16
, 32-41

(Retrieved from http://www.pcp-net.org/journal/pctp19/giliberto19-2.pdf)


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