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Leonora S. Pechnikova *, Andrey L. Ryzhov * and Ekaterina B. Zhuykova **

* Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia
** Psychological Institute, Russian Academy of Education, Moscow, Russia


Parental expectations play an important role in the success of adoption or foster placement. We propose a qualitative approach to explore parental expectations based on repertory grid technique with children’s photos as elements. Its main advantage rests on the ability to assess such interrelated aspects of parental expectations as the elaboration of personally important content, the ability to regulate reactions, the presence of stereotypes about adoption, lack of awareness or evasive thinking and specific attitudes towards family members. The article presents rationale, administration and interpretation procedures, the results of an exploratory study of parents from 48 families in order to define preliminary norms for quantitative indexes and a sample of grid analysis to illustrate how the method can be employed in counselling.
Keywords: Adoption, repertory grids, family counselling, parental expectations


About the authors

Leonora S. Pechnikova is a docent at Lomonosov Moscow State University. She is a lecturer in Abnormal Child Psychology, and Assessment Methods in Abnormal Psychology courses, and a supervisor for training practice in Clinical Child Psychology. Her areas of special scientific interest include the psychology of orphans and adoption, emotional deprivation, and various forms of non-maternal care, and the psychology of suicidal and deviant behaviour in adolescence.
Contact: pech56@mail.ru
Andrey L. Ryzhov is a senior scientific fellow at Lomonosov Moscow State University. His filed of interest is the study of normative adolescent and youth development, the emotional and behavioural disorders of adolescence, the psychology of self-harm and eating disorders, and the application of qualitative assessment methods in clinical psychology.
Contact: andrey.ryzhov@gmail.com
Ekaterina B. Zhuykova is a clinical psychologist and a family systems therapist, a scientific fellow of the “Psychology of Adolescence” laboratory at the Psychological Institute of the Russian Academy of Education (Moscow). Her work is associated with psychotherapeutic help for children and adolescents in stationary settings, family crisis intervention, training groups and psychological guidance for adoptive parents.
Contact: e.b.zhuykova@gmail.com



Pechnikova, L. S., Eyshow, A. L., Zhuykova, E. B. (2019). Repertory grid technique in adoptive parent candidates counselling.
Personal Construct Theory & Practice, 16, 53-63

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