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Eugene Yamnitsky* and Devi Jankowicz**

*Senior Director of Product Management, Citrix
**Visiting Professor, Edinburgh Business School, Heriot Watt University

This paper reviews the Remote administration of Repertory Grid technique in which Excel spreadsheet and videoconferencing software with screen sharing capabilities were utilized. The experience and quality of results of Remote and Direct administration are compared and discussed; possible advantages of Remote over Direct administration are examined. This approach differs from Remote computer-based administration methods reviewed in the literature hitherto; it is hoped that this paper will be of value to researchers who may need to adjust to the new post-COVID-19 conditions, where Direct administration of Repertory Grid may not be possible due to travel restriction and social distancing limitations.


Keywords: Managerial Sensemaking, Ambidexterity, Repertory Grid, Interviews, Videoconferencing, COVID-19.


About the author

Eugene Yamnitsky is a Senior Director of Product Management at Citrix, where he leads a portfolio of SaaS products. His past experiences include roles in Product Management, Software Engineering, and Innovation Management. Eugene has earned his B.Sc. in Economics in 1997 and MBA with concentration in MIS and Finance in 2003 from The Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Recently he received the degree of Doctor of Business Administration with focus on Managerial Sensemaking and Organizational Ambidexterity from Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh Business School. He is currently teaching Product Management at North Carolina State University, College of Design.
Contact: eugene.yamnitsky@gmail.com
Devi Jankowicz gained a first degree in Psychology (1969) followed by a doctorate in Management Cybernetics (1975), both from Brunel University. He has taught Organisational Behaviour, and Research Methods, at universities in Ireland, USA, Poland and the UK, and has contributed to management education by developing two MBA programmes and a DBA programme prior to joining the faculty at Edinburgh Business School where he taught on the MSC and DBA programmes, most recently as Visiting Professor. His research interests include knowledge transfer across cultural boundaries, the use of virtual environments in distance learning, and applications of constructivist theory and techniques in business and management. He has some 100 refereed publications to his credit, including six textbooks on business research methods, one in Chinese translation. His consultancy clients include JPL/NASA, Unilever, Rolls-Royce (Bristol), and the Employment Service UK; he has contributed to Ministerial briefing seminars in the UK, and acted in an EU Expert role for the Ministry of Education in Poland.
Contact: animas@ntlworld.com



Yamnitsky, E., Jankowicz, D. (2020)Capturing constructs in a post-COVID world: A research note on the remote administration of repertory grids. Personal Construct Theory & Practice, 17, 1-12
(Retrieved from https://www.pcp-net.org/journal/pctp20/yamnitsky20.pdf)


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