The Twelfth Australasian Conference
on Personal Construct Psychology

13th - 14th July 2006 University of Wollongong

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About the Conference
The 12th Australasian conference on Personal Construct Psychology will be held in Wollongong, NSW from 13th -14th July. It will be a low key conference, held at the University of Wollongong. Contributions are called for in any format - papers, workshops, work in progress, fun alternatives etc.  Abstracts and registrations both need to be completed by 12th June.

Following the conference a planning meeting will be held for the forthcoming International Congress on Personal Construct Psychology to be held in Brisbane from 16-20 July, 2007. Please put those dates for next year's conference in your diaries. It's the ideal opportunity to travel to the Great Barrier reef or to the rainforests or outback areas.

Beverly Walker
for the Wollongong Personal Construct Group.

The conference is organised by the Wollongong Personal Construct Group
on behalf of the Personal Construct Psychology Interest Group
of the Australian Psychological Society (APS) and the Australasian Personal Construct Group

Top left: G. A. Kelly, founder of PCP.
- PCP logo: ctsy Jacqui Costigan.