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About the European Personal Construct Association (EPCA)


In 1990, during the 2nd British Conference on Personal Construct Psychology, it was decided to establish a pan-European organisation aimed at spreading the core ideas of Personal Construct Psychology. It was supposed to act as an umbrella for the existing national organisations and as a source of information for people in other countries who often did not have access to information but also no chance of getting in touch with colleagues with similar interests. These endeavours resulted in an Inaugural Conference in York, UK in 1992 and the foundation of the European Personal Construct Association - EPCA.

Since then, eleven biennial conferences have been organised, and for many years a newsletter served as the main device for spreading information as well as for staying in touch. 
The advent of the Internet during the late nineties had of course a considerable impact on the way a transnational association operates. A printed newsletter was abandoned at one stage, as other sources of information became easily available on the Internet. Furthermore, more national organisations were founded, and individuals in countries without a PCP or constructivist organisation can now find their way into professional circles quite comfortably - thanks to Google...

In the EPCA business meeting at the Belgrade conference in 2010, it was decided that  EPCA should in the future mainly act as an umbrella sponsoring the biennial conferences – that were considered to be very successful, thanks to the efforts of the local organisers – and promoting transnational activities, such as the European Constructivist Training Network (ECTN) that currently encompasses groups in four countries (Italy, Serbia, the UK, and the Czech Republic). Individual membership in the EPCA then did not seem to make much sense anymore, especially in the age of the Internet with its easily accessible resources and facilitation of electronic communication.

The last "Guidance Panel" or Steering Committee was elected during the 9th EPCA conference in London in 2008. A new Guidance Panel has not been installed since.

In 2012, the Eleventh Biennial EPCA conference was organised by the Irish Constructivist Psychotherapy Association
in Dublin. The 2014 conference will be held in Brno in the Czech Republic.

The EPCA Committee used to maintain a web site, at, which is currently not being updated. 



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