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Alpine Tales 2017

 The third edition of the constructivist Winter School!
  on the topic:
2-4 February 2017 -  
San Martino di Castrozza (TN) - Italian Alps  
Alpine Tales is "a concrete experience in embodying constructivism: a "school - not school", where everyone is a teacher and a student at the same time, because, just like in our everyday life, everybody here has something to share and something to learn. Everyone is responsible in first person for their contribution.” (Lui C.). Teachers and students, partaking in the everyday activities of the house, can share their ideas and learn together, building networks and growing projects based on the common interest in Personal Construct Psychology. Alpine Tales is open to teacher, students, professionals and everybody who is interested in sharing their ideas and experiences on Constructivism and Personal Construct Psychology (PCP). 



Alpine Tales 2016

year's meeting of the European Constructivist Training Network (ECTN) was held in the Italian Alps again

Pecol di Zoldo (BL) - ItalyPecol di Zoldo (BL) - Italy

Alpine Tales 2015   
This year's meeting of the European Constructivist Training Network (ECTN) was held in the Italian Alps from 5-8 February under the title

"Construction is action - Practical application of constructivist  theories"

Autumn School 2013
('Racconti Mediterranei 4') in Conegliano, Italy, 26th May - 1st June, 2013.

Teachers Meeting 2012
in Padua, Italy, 7th & 8th May 2012:

"Experiences and Innovations in Constructivist teaching"
  • Report (doc) - updated 6 June 2012

Autumn School 2011
('Racconti Mediterranei 3') in Brno, Czech Republic, 23rd - 30th October.

Teachers Meeting 2009
 in Coventry, UK, October 2009 

Summer School 2008
('Racconti Mediterranei 2') in Sithonia/Chaldiki, Greece, May 18th to 25th

Teachers Meeting 2008
 in Padua, Italy, February 1st to 2nd

Summer School 2007
('Racconti Mediterranei 1') in Caorle near Venice, Italy, May 28th to June 3rd

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