XIVth Biennial Conference of the European Personal Construct Association (EPCA)

Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

July 5th to 8th, 2018

About the Conference

This conference is an invitation for anyone interested in Personal Construct Theory from whatever background to come and share their ideas regarding the application and development of PCT. We welcome the participation of practitioners, academics, researchers an students from a PCT background as well as from related relative approaches such as constructivists, constructionists and narrative exploration. The welcome extends to anyone using or critiquing PCT and its related methodologies such as repertory grids, laddering and behavioural experimentation.
These conferences aim to explore developments and applications of methods of PCT across the diverse range of fields of research and practice that it has informed including education, counselling, business, the arts, architecture and religion. A common feature underpinning these diverse fields is the personal construing of people as they generate meaning and make choices based on their personal experience.
This 14th Biennial European Personal Construct Association Conference is something of a returning home for PCT as George Kelly, who developed PCT, lived and studied here in Edinburgh in 1932. 
The Organising Committee is:

Richard Casebow, Jenny Newland, Sally Robbins and Sarah Clark
with support from Helen Jones and Clare Morris